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Brylan's Buddies 


The number of grandparents who are raising their grandchildren is increasing because their own children are addicted to opioids, or have died from an overdose. In 2015, 2.9 million children were living with grandparents. Because of the current national opioid epidemic, grandparents are spending their retirement money, time, and resources on their young grandchildren. Twenty-one percent of these grandparents live below the poverty line, and close to forty percent are over 60 years old. Because they are not licensed in the system, they are not eligible for the same services and financial support as foster parents. Many of these caregivers are on social security, but when their families grew, their social security checks did not. This new role can be a financial challenge, especially in regard to post-high school education.

​Brylan's Buddies is our educational scholarship program that will assist children whose parents are struggling with addiction or who have died of an overdose. The scholarship fund is named after our precious granddaughter, Brylan. Brylan's mom, Caitlyn, had earned a scholarship to college, but her addiction and pressure from a boyfriend caused her to drop out. On many occasions, she shared with us how much she regretted not staying in school. In fact, she wanted to go back one day and study counseling, so she could help others. We know Caitlyn would want Brylan and other children in similar circumstances to have the opportunity to further their education after high school. By donating to Brylan's Buddies, you are helping make that possible!

​If you want to nominate someone for a Brylan's Buddies Scholarship, please email us here for more information. 

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