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Caitlyn's Cottage will provide a safe, stable, and emotionally supportive community-based living environment for adult women in the early stages of recovery from substance abuse disorder. Data tells us that lacking a stable, alcohol and drug-free living environment can be a serious obstacle to sustained recovery.  Destructive and unstructured living arrangements can derail recovery for even the most motivated individuals. After completing a drug rehab program, time in jail, or detox, individuals can feel excited but very nervous about what the future holds. Getting a job, finishing school, running into friends that still use, finding a place to live, staying clean - all can be quite overwhelming. Caitlyn's Cottage is here to help during this very important transitional period. This special and much-needed home will provide its residents with some of the best practices in therapy, resulting in positive outcomes.  These will include but are not limited to, achieving mutual support among peers, feeling secure at a critical time, developing healthy living styles, increasing discipline, developing a sense of responsibility and purpose, and participating in individual, group, and family counseling sessions. Additionally, we will use a holistic approach. We care about the whole woman, not just her addiction! Fitness elements such as yoga and gym access will be incorporated into our program. Nutrition, grocery shopping, gardening, and cooking will also be important components.  Adventure, art, and equestrian therapies will also be available. The women will have access to help in the areas of job searching, resume 

building, educational opportunities, as well as financial advice on budgets, bank accounts, credit, and savings. Caitlyn's Cottage will provide many activities and options to replace drug use.

Caitlyn's Cottage will help women re-learn how to live without drugs. It will be a place where you can succeed in long-term sobriety and regain your dignity, respect, and purpose. Your days will be full of hard work, busy schedules, and constant care. There will always be someone there who understands and will help. It is our hope that you will leave Caitlyn's Cottage as a new person, filled with energy, commitment, and a game plan to continue practicing recovery each and every day.

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