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Caitlyn's HALO


The mission of Caitlyn's HALO, Inc. is to Help Addicts and their Loved Ones understand, navigate, and heal from the complexities and devastation of opioid addiction. In doing so, our efforts focus on the premise that addiction is a brain disease, not a moral failure.​


To offer informational forums, presentations, and other public events as helpful resources to assist our community with awareness, education, and treatment of opioid use/addiction.

​To open and manage Caitlyn's Cottage, a supportive living environment for addicts in the early stages of substance abuse recovery.

​To provide educational scholarships (Brylan's Buddies) for children whose parents are struggling with substance abuse disorder or who have sadly passed from an overdose.

​To provide a community of support and healing (Understanding Hearts) for those who have lost a loved one to substance ab
use or addiction.  

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